Winging it

For those who know me, winged eyeliner is my trademark. I simply don't feel like myself without it, its a part of my social identity.

...maybe its just my inner Persian trying to unleash itself.

I dont normally buy branded eyeliner as I feel that the price of liquid eyeliner - alike many other makeup peices - does not dictate the quality.

I tend to buy any 99p liquid eyeliner from ebay.

I begin with simple eyeshadow as a base to complement the eyeliner. I love improvising with makeup, so I often use a shimmery blusher palette as eyeshadow. After that, I sketch out the liner by drawing a short line from the outer corner of the eye, as though following the curve of the lower lash line.​

Draw a line all the way across the upper eyelid, from the tear duct to the outer edge of the lower line. It helps if you pull the eye from the corner a little, to flatten the skin, so the liner goes on smoothly.

Fill in the gaps between the outer point of the liner and the lash line, ensuring that you don’t leave any empty spaces.

Top Tip

Always keep a earbud handy or a nailstick with cotton wool on the end to fix any mistakes you may make.

...don't worry, bad eyeliner days happen to everyone.

Add the final finishing touches to your look. I love a good highlight on my tear duct and brow bone, so I’ve used the Sleek highlight palette in Cleopatra’s Kiss. Feel free to customise your eyeliner any way you like; don’t be afraid to take the line thicker, or to make it thinner, to suit your eye shape. I’ve finished the look with a pair of my current favourite lashes by Huda Beauty in the Noelle style ; I love their Samantha style, too, which gives a pretty, wispy effect.

There are a variety of styles that you can choose. Experiment and see what works for you.

I quite like adding a pigmented eyeshadow to line my bottom eyelid to add a colour contrast and to collectively frame my eyes. However, do what works for you. Not everyone is the same so neither should their makeup me. Express your individualism with your face paint and dare to brave individualism.

Miss L.