My Wardrobe Wishlist

These dresses from Moschino's new collection are adorable. I feel like these were made for me as they personify everything I want in a dress. However, there price tags are anything but cute. At a hefty 4 figure sum, I think I'll make something similar myself or wait until the sales.

This dress by Chloe is the dress of my dreams. It looks heavenly with the way the fabric falls and the embroidery. This photo does not do it justice as it looked heavenly in the store. There is so much detail on this garment, from the embroidery to the choice of fabrics. This dress definitly took a long time to make and the labour is shown in the stitchwork. Definitely the dress of my dreams but alike the Moschino dresses, this dress has a not so dreamy pricetag.

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