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Oversized Fashion

Personally, I love wearing male clothing; its cosy, makes me look small and best of all, has real pockets. This oversized blazer gives the right balance of structure and tailoring in my outfits. Whereas, the nude dress shows off my female figure which the jacket alludes the eye to believe it is smaller than it really is.

Oversized clothing is generally comfortable and most of the male clothing I wear is to bed; I have a few oversized female pieces which I wear to enact that 'morning after' look.

I would suggest for example if you're wearing an oversized jumper then wearing it with a slim or straight leg trouser is going to help balance out the look.

Same goes if you're wearing a jacket or trousers with a looser fit, a t-shirt or camisole dress worn underneath that is more fitted is going to be the best pairing.

Three tricks on how to wear oversized clothing


Going oversized everywhere is going to make you look ridiculous (and not in a haute couture way). I'd recommend that oversized clothing should be worn as the feature piece of the outfit and the rest of the outfit being slim fitted to balance out the look. This is also complimentary for any figure as it is incredibly slimming.

Show a little skin

Don't be shy to show a little skin. This creates exaggeration between the oversized garment and your body. Nude colours (like my dress worn here) and showing skin will make these parts look tiny in comparison.

Add some structure

Find Structure in your outfit. Going loose and oversized doesn’t always mean unshaped and formless clothes. You don't want an outfit that makes you look like a balloon. A little tailoring, like an oversized blazer, is the best way to work this look.


Zara (oversized range)


Michael Kors




Specsavers (prescription)

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