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The Bumbag

The 90's are back with a vengeance with the street style bumbag. To be on trend this season, your outfit needs to be cemented with this street style piece. Gucci's revival of 1990's street-style has introduced this trend to the best dressed it-girl scene.

From humble beginnings, the bumbag or 'fanny pack' as it is also known as was first intended to be used instead of sewing pockets into clothing. It can be dressed up in a belted form or dressed down with a slouchy over-the-shoulder look. Not often a fashion trend is practical. However, these are really handy to use whilst you're out so you may keep all your valuables close at hand and secure.

This looks also work for male fashionistas...

These bumbags were once a laughable tourist commodity. Gucci has revived the bumbag and this trend is being embraced by the fashion scene like never before. Look to celebrities like A$AP Rocky, Skepta and Stella McCartney for inspiration on ways to style out this look.

I'm not often one to follow trends. However, this one I will be revelling in...

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