Halloween is my favourite time of year as I absolutely love any excuse to dress up.

This year I dressed up as a witch.

I didn't use a traditional costume because I'm not a traditional kind of girl. Instead I chose to wear a leather skater dress from Zara UK, a mesh bat top from ASOS and of course, a witch hat which I got from Accessorize.

As for my Makeup...

I kinda made it up as I went along. Personally, I think thats the best way to be with makeup so you can tailor your look to your face and personality.

I choose to use purple eyeshadows with metallic accents as I knew it would compliment my white/asian skin as well as go with my halloween theme.

I used Illamasqua's liquid metal to use as a highlighter but I blended it with eyeshadow and Bobbi Brown's shimmer palette. Loved the colour combination on this look.

I researched witch makeup online for inspiration and saw people use a crescent moon symbol on their face. I liked the look of this but wanted to position it somewhere suited to my face. I chose to draw a moon under my eye but thought it looked a bit out of place alone so I added a star and a peace sign. Yes, a peace sign isn't normally associated with witches but I wanted to make it explicitly clear that I am a peaceful witch. The symbols didn't work out too great (drawing on your face is harder than you'd think, especially without glasses). However, it still looked magical and thats enough for me.

The green lipstick is my personal favourite, its shade Apocalips (which is an awesome name for a lipstick) from Illamasqua. Its definitely a unique colour but I love wearing this lipstick as its unique like me and is a matte pigmented teal/green tone. I used a pencil eyeliner as my lipliners because, as you can imagine, there aren't many green lipliners...

Product breakdown


Illamasqua, Bobbi Brown




Model's own (eye pencil)

Liquid foundation


Powder foundation

Mac Cosmetics

Eyebrow pencil

Model's own




Ebay (I cut the strips into clusters)

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