My Favourite Fashion Trends of 2017

Sadly, another year is over. 2017 has been eventful and has been full of fashion faux pas and trend reinvention.
T-shirts with random slogans on the front
Thinking out loud has a new meaning as now you can save your mouth the effort of speaking and express what you're thinkng with the words on your tee.
As a 90's baby, I feel compelled to embrace 90's fashion. Chokers is a style of necklace that was traditionally worn during the French Revolution. Women wore red ribbons around their necks to symbolise and support to those who met their death at the guillotine. At that same time, a plain, thin, red, or black ribbon choker was a symbol of prostitution in the late 19th century. Nowadays, chokers are used as a meaningless fashion accessory. I love chokers but as I have a small neck, I often need to tighten the non-elastic chokers like the one shown in this photo.
However, im not too keen on men's chokers...
Layer a thin choker with other necklaces, or layer thin chokers for a full on '90s look.
Pom Poms on everything!
I love pom poms and my inner child has no shame to wear them on everything I wear. From bag keyrings to shoe features, I hope pom noms are here to stay.

Have designers noticed that Instagram feeds are littered with ladies in fishnet tights? Our guess is yes, because they're presenting the stocking trend in new ways It-girls will love. Instead of wearing them with destroyed denim à la Pia Mia, we saw them with feminine dresses at Jason Wu and schoolboy blazers at Cinq à Sept.

and some of my worst include...
Wearing non-prescription glasses.
I never realised that having bad vision was so fashionable. If you wear glasses to look more intelligent, then it proves the contrary.

Sliders for all occaisions.
How did this even become a trend? I find it beyond comphrehension why someone would find a shoe that should be used for the beach or used for around the home to be so fashionable! People who go out in sliders (and are not on the beach) are just lazy. Its the exact same as going out in pyjamas. It belongs at home, not out in the streets. I've seen people wear sliders in all temperatures and it just looks ridiculous. I really hope that this trend disappears, and soon!