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Let's Get Freaky...

Halloween is the only time of year where I can be who I am and people won't think I'm weird...

I didn't use a traditional costume because I'm not a traditional kind of girl. I definitely like to have fun with my costume choices, I don't like to pick an 'off the rail' costume as I like to have fun with the Halloween premise. I jump at any opportunity to dress up and had to have more than one costume this year.


Three times the charm

This year I dressed up as...

a bad-ass dominatrix

an enchanted bunny

a heartbroken maid.


My Badass Dominatrix look

A dominatrix costume is not probably what people would typically imagine one to wear for Halloween, however, I'm not typical....

I thought I'd bring out my dominant and kinky side and experience the life (superficially of course) of a dominatrix

Naturally, an outfit like this isn't found in a typical costume store unless its a special kind of costume store (if you know what I mean *wink wink*) so I had to source the costume components from sex stores like Ann Summers. I worse a bondage dress (which was thoroughly taped into place so no wardrobe malfunctions ocurred), wet look stockings and gloves with fluffy handcuffs as a brecelet and a whip for fun.

Unsurprisingly, I did get a lot of attention with this outfit and was constantly confronted with men who wanted to be handcuffed and/or whipped. It opened my eyes to a whole new world of fetishism and how many people are into Masochism and BDSM.

Move over 50 Shades of Grey Lulu is here now for your fetish fantasies! (just a little disclaimer, I am not or am not planning to be a dominatrix)


The Enchanted Bunny

This costume came about when I was looking for the components to my dominatrix costume and I saw these PVC ears and thought they were too cute not to wear. Normally bunny costumes the Playboy Bunny costumes which are sexy and cute at the same time, but I liked the idea of a darker kind of bunny with slightly gothic connotations.

I only added a very stretchy (cause I like my freedom) wet look jumpsuit to go with the PVC. I dont think the costume needed a lot, and sometimes less is more.

I used purple, green and blue shades for my make-up. I don't like to do heavily smokey eyes anyways but I done my eye-shadow as dark as I like having it and finished my make-up look with an electric blue liquid lipstick.


The Heartbroken Maid

This was a last minute panic outfit. The outfit I was going to wear didn't

fit well and naturally, didn't look or feel good. It was only an hour

before I had to leave when I realised my fashion disaster.

Top tip

Don't be like me and not try on your outfit before hand!

Unfortunately I was running late (which is typical for me) and when I tried on my cat-women costume, well... it didn't fit! There was no hope for this costume, even if I could get it over my thighs, if I had sat down, the stitching would've given way, and that wasn't the look I was going for.

Regardless of this, I was not going to accept defeat. Luckily, I am fortunate to have a mountain of clothes including costumes and accessories. I found this maid costume which I haven't worn in about 5 years (the benefits of being a fashion hoarder) and then found the blood stained socks which I got last year for a different costume idea which I never done. So I got creative and came up with the idea that I'm a slave to a psychotic lover who broke my heart in more ways than

one. I used glitter blood stickers and red liquid highlighter to make

the gun shot wounds on my chest where my lover shot and broke

my heart.


As for my Makeup...

I never really stick to a plan; I just go with the flow and see what looks good and see what I need to add to create my desired look. A plan isn't a bad idea, I just feel with make-up its hard to be consistent and what might've worked one day may not work the next. With this said, I definitely do recommend having a brief idea of what you're wanting to achieve and look at images and colour palettes as references.


As for next year, there will probably be more costumes but you'll have to wait and see...

Thanks for reading


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