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New England, USA

My adventures around New England have been interesting to say the least. As a Brit, I noticed a lot of similarities to home. It was really weird being in this part of the world as it felt as if I had stepped into a parallel universe, everything was so similar but yet, so different.

For example, all the places are pretty much named after places in the UK but yet logistically, are not in the right places (yet alone being on the wrong side of the Atlantic Ocean. With this said, me and the Atlantic Ocean are not in agreement with each other as it decided to give my phone an unwanted hug which left me screwed as this was my only electrical devise (well it was anyways).


Travel tip

Do not rely on only one electrical devise to connect you with the world because if this devise fails you in any way, you're pretty much screwed...


Having a British accent is definitely interesting in the USA. I was often asked stupid questions like

I have a Cockney accent, alike many Londoners, but explaining this to a conservative American can be complicated.

'Live Free or Die' is the motto for the US state of New Hampshire - pretty awesome right! New Hampshire is a nature lover's paradise. It has over 90 state parks and is the home of the highest peak in North America - Mount Washington.

I'm not much of an outdoors girl but it is hard to resist the natural beauty of the NH landscapes. I really did feel as if Big Foot was going to come out from behind the bushes.

Sailing into Portsmouth was idyllic and transported me to a different time. And the vast mountains and green space makes this a natural sight to see.

Being British in Boston was very noticeable to the local when I opened my mouth.

I found the Boston Police to be especially accommodating, if maybe, too accommodation, it seems a British accent is a strong commodity to have in the USA.

I can understand why Maine's licence plates have 'Vacationland' on them after visiting. Being from London, I am used to city life but Maine was so peaceful and tranquil, it was as if I was stepping foot into a different century.

I made the impulsive decision to go camping (actual camping with tents and sleeping bags) in the great outdoors, I realise that my survival skills are non-existent.

I really feel that New England, especially New Hampshire and Maine are beautiful which tourists don't often get to hear about

I have learnt so much about the culture in the US during my time here. I am astonished how much sugar and salt is in everything, even the tap water (yes I drink tap water) tasted sweeter than the tap water I drink back home.


Travel tip

Check beforehand if the local tap water is safe to drink, don't risk it!


Although I was painfully homesick for my home in London town, I will miss the USA. I have met such amazing people (and some not so amazing people), I have seen such beautiful sights and in the meanwhile, have learnt so much about myself.

The United States is a vast and interesting place. I wish I got to see more of it but I know I will definitely be back so I'm looking forward to my next American adventure.

...but for now, its time to celebrate my birthday in London!

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