Pretty in Pink

Pink is conspicuously referenced as the most feminine colour. In terms of wearing pink, I feel it is a difficult colour to wear as it isn't a neutral colour and can look ridiculous if worn wrong.

It's not what you wear it's how you wear it

Pink looks great and can be a fun colour to wear, but it can be challenging to effectively coordinate it with other colours.

Pink is not just referenced to symbolise femisinism, but also bullying, discrimination, homophobia, transphobia, and transmisogyny. So you can use this colour to make a fashion and political statement.


There are two ways to go if you're going to wear pink.

If wearing pink, wear it as either a feature colour or an accent colour

Choosing a pink statement piece, meaning this is the foundation of the outfit and you build the outfit around this piece of clothing .

Garments such as a dresses, jackets or a jumpsuits can be your statement piece will look great if paired with neutral colour like white, black, or khaki. I definitely wouldn't advice wearing a pink dress with a green or blue jacket but wear it with a black or tan jacket; unless you're intent on being bold, then go crazy.

In these outfit's I teamed my pink statement piece with a monochrome jacket but added a bag which matched the same tone of pink as my jumpsuit with the first outfit and a neutral bag which coordinated with my jacket for the second outfit

Hot pink tones normally break up well with black, white, silver and grey tones. Paler pink tones will work better with nudes, greys and silver's. I wouldn't advice however mixing different tones of pink, this just looks tacky and chaotic

You can do the opposite by wearing pink in a jacket and wearing neutral clothing and using pink tones to brighten up your look

Or you can go all out and dare to go full on femme fetale and wear pink with pink...

If wearing a complete pink outfit, try accessorising it with different colours. Gold, black, brown, and silver all look great with pink.

Miss L