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Healthy Skin-Care Habits

Now don't worry, I'm not going to talk about my skincare routine and pretend it was highly requested. However, as someone with a rubbish skin-care routine, I thought I'll share with you what not to do.

Well, my skin-care routine isn't bad, I'm just lazy, but I do know better. So here is some pieces of advice have gotten from my beauty education and from my health and beauty professional friends.


Don't wash your face too often.

Sounds nasty right, but hear me out. The skin has a natural protective bacterial layer called the acid mantle. A common bad skin-care habit is to wash your face excessively. This removes your skins natural protective layer (the acid mantle), thus damaging your skin. It is important to refrain from over-washing and to try to wash your face once a day to maintain a healthy bacterial skin balance.


Break free, don't break out...

Always try to go makeup free as frequent as possible to let your skin breathe. If you're wearing makeup, it is advisable to wash your skin before application for a clean base and to wash it off thoroughly at the end of the day. I definitely recommend a good primer as it creates a smoother base and better final look but also protects your skin underneath your makeup.


Remove your make-up property!

Don't be fooled, wet wipes won't save your skin. Use cleanser and warm water! It's easy to forget that your skin is absorbent and will absorb your makeup into your skin which will clog your pores and encourage break outs.


Stop touching!

Avoid using your fingers to apply make-up. Your skin, especially the skin on your fingertips has natural oils which will transfer to your face which will cause breakouts. Also, your hands are typically the most dirty part of your body, so consider if you want to transfer the germs from your hands to your face...


One size doe's not fit all

I would definitely recommend finding what works best with your skin type. For me, I'm half Caucasian and half Asian so I have complicated skin. I often experiment with different products and see what works well. What works well in theory doesn't always works well in reality.


I definitely wished I knew these things when I was younger and was first discovering beauty products. When I was younger I was literally so lost. I literally took advice from my brother and just used whatever my friends were using or what advertisement looked best. I also made the common mistake of thinking that price determines quality. It doesn't...

Hopefully my unsolicited advice helped.



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