Why I Haven't and Will Not Get Plastic Surgery

Why be a knock off when you can be an original. Nowadays, plastic surgery has been more accessible than ever. However, this isn't a good thing. More people are permanently changing their body for temporary trends.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm not against simple refinements or cosmetic work for medical reasons, but other than that, I'm not a fan; this includes injections and other medical interventions.

I went to an event after the COVID lockdown and saw so many girls had the same nose. It looked ridiculous to me as I felt like I was looking at Star War's new clone army. Its sad to see people eliminate their individualism and history. As an instagrammer, I do feel the pressure to look pretty but I wouldn't want to sell myself out to conspicuous society and maintain my individualism. I have been offered to have plastic surgery for free in exchange for promotion but I declined as I didn't want to change myself and I felt it was wrong to promote unhealthy beauty standards. With this said, it was tempting and I did almost go through with a non-surgical facelift as it sounded minimal but my friends made me realise I don't need it and I am thankful to have the amazing friends I have.


Down the rabbit hole

Most procedures require maintenance which can include future procedures. So many women start getting work done so early which would mean a lifetime of maintenance as well as typically prematurely aging them.

I have seen too many young women starting too early which will prematurely age them, require a lifetime of maintenance and most of the time, the procedures are completely unnecessary.


Having a unique mixed heritage (Welsh/Iranian), I like seeing how my parents differences combine in my looks. I look like a brunette version of my mother and I would hate to erase that. As I get older I like seeing how I am look more like my mother and seeing my family in my appearance. I wouldn't want to dishonour my family and my heritage by changing my appearance for vanity.

Beauty is subjective

Changing your face/body for a beauty trend is reckless and will likely cause reject when the permanent change you've made isn't trendy anymore. It's best to be yourself as being yourself will never go out of style.

Chasing unicorns

Perfection is unattainable. Beauty trends regularly change and what may be beautiful today may not be beautiful in the future. For example, big butts were seen as unattractive until the late 2000s where have a bigger butt is now seen as attractive.

Most people I know who have had work done are constantly looking for the next thing to change. For me, I think it's better to accept yourself than to change for society,

Health over beauty

Before undertaking any procedure you should be aware of the complications as they do occur and can be serious. One in 3,000 Brazilian Butt Lifts resulted in death, making it the world's most dangerous cosmetic procedure. I wouldn't want to risk my life to look better for men and to prevent myself from fitting in trousers. Additionally, having a big butt wasn't seen as beautiful before the late 2000s so this trend can easily change but your body can't.

If you are to have work done, do not choose your doctor on price. It's dangerous and will probably cost you more money to fix potential problems which can arise.

It's all fake

Lots of people look at influencers and celebrities for inspiration, however, these people don't normally look like the image they portray. This is important for people to understand before getting cosmetic work done because if the person they aspire to look like doesn't even look like what they thought, then its even more unlikely for you to achieve the image you're after.


Everyone has natural beauty. However, we live in a society where image is everything and plenty of people fall into the trap of following beauty trends which constantly change. For me, I feel there is more beauty in originality than following the herd. Trying to look like people who don't look like the image they're portraying and erasing their originality.

I thoughouly intend to age disgracefully and avoid plastic surgery as much as possible.