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The Weird and Wonderful Contents of my Bag

If eyes are the windows to the soul, then the contents of an individual's bag must be a window into their personality.

It is my opinion that the personality of the person can be unveiled by what one has in their handbag. The items which people feel they need to carry around with them differentiates per individual. However, there are some patterns which are typyically determined by location, gender and interests.

Example: I enjoy reading so, almost always there is a book in my bag for spontaneous learning whilst I'm out.

Example: It is highly likely that people in London will have an oyster card on their persons whilst theyre out.

Example: Universally, many people in the world use a mobile phone daily so it is highly likely that this will be found in their bag (or pocket).

Personally, my bag typically contains these items...

Understandably, this does not represent the contents of my bag. I do like to carry light, I dont light to carry a bag full of things which makes it bulky and heavy to carry. I am not one for headphones/earphones nor one to carry a portable speaker around with me as I dislike listening to music in public places.

Shallow Breather

As an asthmatic, I always keep a blue and brown inhaler near me. Although, medically neccessary, these inhalers have become quite fashionable nowadays with different looks and brands to choose from.

Fuzzy Reader

As an asthmatic, a blue and brown inhaler are always near me. Although, it would be pointless to carry a book with me if I did not bring my glasses

Read my Lips

Chapstick and lipstick. However, I tyically forget to bring a mirror out with me so I tend to switch to the chapstick after my lipstick starts to fade.

Immature Travellor

Although I may have my passport with me, it is my oyster card that I typically use to travel. I blame my baby face... I look younger than my years so I constantly get asked for i.d. Therefore, my passport is never far as my lust for adulthood is not recipocated with my child-like looks.

London Adventurer

An oyster card is truley the key to the city in London. Although public transport accepts various contact payment methods (not cash), this London trademark will always remain a classic.

The sweet smell of s̶u̶c̶c̶e̶s̶s̶ happiness

If I smell good, I feel good. nobody likes to smell rancid. Smelling good makes me feel more confident and typically my perfume of choice is Vera Wang Princess.

Plastic Fantastic

Life in plastic is truly fantastic, well, according to me it is. I dont like to carry cash (for all you theives out there) as I cannot help but think of the places it could've been. Additonally, I am quite clumsy so the last thing I want is a confetti trail of cash around me.

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