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January Detox - The Glass House Retreat

It has become conspicuously popular to detox and get in shape in January. This isn't something I've tried and I'm not that much into healthy eating or fitness. However, this weekend I had the pleasure of trying out the Glass House Retreat in Essex. I've never been to a wellness retreat but it is something I've always wanted to try and I'm happy that I can tick this of my bucket list.

The staff were lovely, especially Karen who even offered to opened the pool early so I can take some photos. There are regular fitness and health classes throughout the day including a cooking class were guests are taught easy vegan recipes.

The all-inclusive staycation was an interesting concept and I often forgot that I was still in the UK.

++ Well, until I looked out of the window ++

Unlike my previous experiences with all-inclusive packages which mostly involved me abusing my liver, this wellness alternative is an interesting paradoxical concept.

A glass of wine would've been welcomed but the detoxing and wellness experience was catching.

Everything you need is there, so it is nice to escape reality for a few days and relax.


The Rooms

I have stayed in many nice places over my lifetime but these rooms was definitely among the best I have stayed in. Even Mr Bonkas had a great time...

++ To those who don't know Mr Bonkas, he has been my partner in crime ++

The rooms were very clean and I could tell that they were not that old, well, the whole retreat was only 13 weeks old when I stayed. Everything was of great quality for extra comfort and the little details like the blinds being automatic made the experience a little better.


The Spa

As someone who know me know I used to work in Beauty so I know what makes a good facial. I had an Elemis Anti-Aging facial (yes anti-aging I'm preparing early) and everything from the massage routine to the products used was amazing.

I have never been in a Sauna. Don't judge me. I've just never how one could find sweating enjoyable. However, I tried a Sauna for the first time at the Glass House and it wasn't that bad.

Here are some of the health benefits;

Saunas can improve cardiovascular performance.

Saunas can aid in recovery after intense physical activity.

Saunas Flush Toxins through perspiration

Reduces incidences of Alzheimer's by 65%.

Saunas can relieve stress.

Saunas can induce a deeper sleep.

Sauna cleanses the skin.



The Pool

It was super weird being in a swimsuit in the UK in January, but also refreshing. It was nice to escape the winter blues without travelling abroad. Also, unlike many indoor pool areas, the walls are mostly comprised of glass panels which give the illusion that you're not indoors. I literally forgot it was winter outside and it was weird leaving the retreat after a weekend and enter back into reality.


The Gym

I've never been to the Gym before in my life, I have a musculoskeletal neurological disorder which makes this complicated. However, I had a friend with me who is a fitness fanatic and showed me the ropes (not literally). They do have fitness classes of all levels and a personal trainer on site to work with as well as a fully equipped newly refurbished gym.


The Food

Living alone in London, my diet can be a bit chaotic. My meal times (if you can call them meals) are irregular and what I eat is typically restaurant or takeaway foods as I'm too lazy to cook. However, it was great being at the Glass House refreshing as it gave me structure and helped me develop healthy habits.

There is 3 Diet plans to choose from

Equilibrium Diet Weight Loss Diet Pure Juicing Diet

Three plant-based meals a day Three plant-based meals a day Vitamin & mineral rich juice: breakfast & lunch

Designed for bio-equilibrium Designed to help you lose weight Plant-based meal for dinner

If you want to detox, but weight loss isn't a priority Great intro to plant-based diets Recommended for more intensive weight loss

Healthy, relaxed & detoxifying Healthy, effective & detoxifying Healthy, committed & detoxifying - Highly effective & cleansing

I had the Equilibrium Diet, I did want to try the Juicing Diet but I was so hungry when I got there and I thought it would be interesting to taste the plant substitute to popular dishes.
I've always wanted to try going vegan so this was something I was looking forward to, especially in January.
Especially because of milk... Who decided it was socially acceptable to drink the milk from a cow and not other animals (including humans)?
I don't particularly eat a lot of meat or animal products anyways but going completely vegan is probably a bit too extreme for me.
++ Especially as I live on take-aways ++
However, I am going to eat more plant-based options whenever possible and maybe in the future when there are more vegan options I might make the change.


Being self-employed it can be difficult to 'turn-off' so I really enjoyed the break. It is a really good escape from reality and is a lot more convenient than taking a trip abroad.

I feel this place is amazing if you're looking to loose weight quickly and to train yourself into new habits. It is the most enjoyable way to loose weight I can think of. I would definitely recommend this place, and trying out new healthy recipes..

Check out their website here >

Check out their instagram here >

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